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05/06/17 06:56 AM #12    


Mike Dusek

Kudos to the Re-Union Committee for working so diligently to pull this all together.  It's not easy trying to set a format where several hundred would be satisfied, but I think they have given people an opportunity to get together if they so desire, or go out and do their own thing in smaller groups or individually.  Certainly looking forward to seeing friends, teammates, classmates at this gathering!  Thanks to the Committee for setting this up!   Take $10 out of petty cash! 

05/06/17 08:41 AM #13    


Mike York

I sure would not want the task and the time it must have taken to organize all this for our class reunion. Great job guys!  I wish June and I could make it.

Keep going Titans 

05/06/17 10:48 AM #14    


William Jones

Mike York,


you and June will be missed.  All the best to you both


05/06/17 11:24 AM #15    

Craig Plotner

I think the committee has done an outstanding job with a very difficult task.  Looking forward to seeing everybody and personally thanking the committee members:)

05/07/17 03:38 PM #16    

Cheryl Woodall (Givens)


This message is in response to the post of Charlotte Luce Burke.

What in the world could the reunion committee have done to make the reunion "cost effective " for you?  It is unfortunate for you that you live so far away but give the reunion committee a break.  They tried to keep the cost down and did a great job as far as I can see. Do us all a favor and keep your negative posts to yourself.  Could you have done better?



05/08/17 12:28 PM #17    


Jon Callender

I'm sorry but I must say I have been looking forward to this reunion for many years and the bottom line here is not the cost...it is the people you cared about and interacted with so long ago that left good memories in your heart yhat counts no matter the cost. The whole point of the reunion is remembering and getting back in touch with fellow classmates and being able to visit with them once again after so many years have passed. We have little time on this eart.."only for a moment and the moments gone.".. its the people that count and the bond we shared as fellow classmates...the friends we made and the expieriences we shared so long ago that have molded our future. It is always the poeple and I have great memories of being part of a terrific group of people even though I was a shy country boy. With all due respect Charlette I too am on a very limited income (cowboys don't cowboy up for the money) but I also had a good lenght of time so save money so I could attend because all my fellow classmates are worth it.. .I am sorry that you will not be there. ...............John Lowry Gibbons AKA Jon Callender

05/13/17 03:08 PM #18    


Cindy Glenn (Rudrud)

Thanks to the reunion committee for all their planning and good work.  Looking forward to seeing members of the Class of '67!  

05/15/17 04:06 PM #19    


Charlotte Luce

I hope that everyone saw my recent post giving thanks to all the commiittee for their planning.  My life is more complicated than I want.  Besides my health issues and my husband's bad hip we got a call from our youngest son in the Navy yesterday morning.  He headed out yesterday on assignment so we might not hear from him again for some time.  This keeps us on edge.  I don't know if anyone has been affected by the recent Cyber Security attacks but we have been on an iPhone of my husband and my computer.  I've been on top of it and have good protection.  Just warning people to check your protection on all your devices.  I thank the reunion committee for all your work.  I hope to join you at another reunion.  Please stay in touch.  Have fun. 

05/16/17 04:03 PM #20    

Rosalie Tucker

Happy 50th Reunion to all my fellow 1967 graduates.  Unfortunately I am unable to attend the festivities due to a previous 2 day seminar commitment I will be attending.  I have enjoyed reading all of the posts and wish everyone a wonderful celebration!!  I do hope to get to Monterey Court to see Craig play.  Maybe I'll get to see some of you there.  50 years since high school has been quite an exciting ride.  I wouldn't have changed a thing -- well, maybe one or two!  I am happily retired from telecommunications for over 12 years and now work for a locally owned Auto Glass Company.   No, I didn't go back to work due to boredom.  I went back to manage my time.  Seems there is an incredible volunteer network in Tucson and when they find out you volunteer everyone calls.  Going back to work, part time, was a great way to be home more often.  So, my volunteering has been downsized to the NICU at UMC, now Banner UMC.  Best wishes to everyone, Rosie 

05/17/17 10:17 AM #21    


William Jones


I know that several of the alumni are planning to go hear Craig play on 5/18/17. 


05/17/17 11:55 PM #22    

Craig Plotner

For any PV folks who are planning to attend my concert Thursday night, the 18th, at Monterey Court (Monty's), they are requesting that you make reservations to help them staff sufficiently.  They can be reached at 520-207-2429

06/03/17 07:21 PM #23    


Mike Dusek

Posted some pix on the photo gallery, but being computer illieterate, there are a couple that need rotating...if anyone can do that, feel free to do so!  Had a great time at the Reunion seeing people we haven't seen in 50 years!   Thanks again to the Reunion Committee for your dedicated and hard work!  Waiting for 55th!!   Blessings to all!!! 

06/03/17 07:22 PM #24    


Mike Dusek

That should be "illiterate."   I may be computer illiterate, but I usually am a pretty good speller  (or should that be "spelor?") 

06/03/17 08:22 PM #25    


Judy Merriam (Baumer)

Awesome  pictures Mike!!!  We all had a lot of fun catching up on each other.  The tour of the school was great also.  Looking forward to the next one.

06/04/17 09:58 AM #26    


William Jones



Great photos.  Realy appreciate that you posted them. 



06/04/17 10:34 AM #27    

Craig Plotner

Great pics, Mike ... thanks so much for posting ... and it was fun doin'a little singin' with you, too:)  I think it was a wonderful reunion and will be looking forward to #55!

07/09/18 11:44 AM #28    

Craig Plotner

Ok PV Classmates, it's been a while since I posted anything with the move back to Tucson and all, but, the good news is that I will be playing at Monty's (Monterey Court 505 West Miracle Mile) on Sunday, August 5th for Sunday brunch! I will be joining the host, Nancy Elliott, from 10 to 1 ... and the format is 45 minute sets ... she starts off for 45 minutes, then me for 45 minutes, then repeat until one o'clock (so I'll be doing 2 sets). Some info you need to know ... due to the monsoon and warmth of the Tucson summer, the venue will be in the cafe, not in the outdoor patio ... unless we get a super cold front coming through:) With that in mind, you'll need to make reservations, 'cause they can only seat 40 people ... so call to reserve your table asap ... 520-207-2429! Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces there:)  Btw, this message is from Craig Plotner:)

08/14/18 12:08 PM #29    

Craig Plotner

Just a quick reminder ... I will be pick'n and grinnin' at Vero Amore (2920 N. Swan) this Thursday, the 16th from 6 to 9 p.m. (inside where it's cool). If you have not been here, you are in for a culinary treat ... check out their menu on fb! And don't forget, I'll also be at the Plaza Palomino Farmer's Market/Mercado (same location) on Saturday, the 18th from 8 to 11 a.m. This market will have 60+ vendors for your shopping pleasure! And then, I'll be at the Picture Rocks Farmers Market (Picture Rocks Rd/Sandario Rd on Sunday, the 19th from 8 to 11 a.m. Would love to see you at one or more of these events:)

08/17/18 08:23 AM #30    

Craig Plotner

Gig change ... I was informed a couple of days ago that the Picture Rocks Farmers Market has decided to temporarily suspend the live music on Sunday due to small vendor and foot traffic response, so I won't be there this Sunday! HOWEVER, I'm looking forward to being at Plaza Palomino tomorrow morning ... 8 to 11! Btw, thanks to those of you who made it out to Vero Amore last night ... had a great time and really appreciate your support:) And special thanks to Kay (Freistedt) and Randy (Reiter) Novotny, Susan Mackin and Gavin Kayner for coming in to listen ... it was great to see you all!


08/21/18 11:33 AM #31    

Craig Plotner

Ok, here's the final gig schedule before my 'vacation' of several weeks from my knee replacement surgery on the 29th! I have been asked to return to the Plaza Palomino Farmers Market/Mercado this Saturday, the 25th from 8 to 12 AND, I will be at the Picture Rocks Farmers Market (Picture Rocks/Sandario) on Sunday, the 26th from 8 to 12 as well. Hope you can make it for one of those ... lots of great Christmas shopping ideas:)

05/14/20 10:04 AM #32    

Craig Plotner

Hey everybody, it's been a while since I've been on here, but just want to let you all know that Sandi and I moved back to Tucson (from Kansas) 2 years ago and boy, are we glad to be back!  I'm still pickin' my guitar an singin' in venues around Southern AZ (when we're not dealing with COVID-19), but I also want to let you know that I'm doing a Livestream video concert on FB every Thursday at 4 pm Tucson time.  Today (5/14/2020) will be Episode 7 of my Home Gig series.  I play a wide variety of styles and genres, but it's mostly what I call 'easy listening'.  If you want or need to relax a little while dealing with all the stress of the day, tune in, sit back and enjoy!  I'll be doing 2 - 45 minute sets with a 15 minute intermission and this is a public event ... you can find it on my FB page, "Craig Plotner".  A few classmates have already found this, so I'm hoping a few more of you would like to join us:)  Hope you and your families  are all well and staying safe!

05/15/20 11:30 AM #33    

Gavin Kayner

Hey Craig,

Thanks for your latests news. Will definitely check out your posts. Glad you and yours are keeping well during these strange times. Norma and I are hanging in - some days by less than fingernails! Keep on pickin' and grinnin'! Gavin

05/16/20 08:01 AM #34    

Craig Plotner

Thanks for your response, Gavin.  Hope you're still writing ... with everything we're dealing with now, it seems you would have lots of opportunity to do what you do so well in expressing the human condition.  Stay safe, my friend:)

05/18/20 11:27 AM #35    

Gavin Kayner

C - yup, keeping busying with the writing. For example - writing stories based on Edward Hopper paintings - keeping me off the streets. Pax - G

05/19/20 08:27 AM #36    

Craig Plotner

Good to hear, Gavin ... certainly wouldn't want you out on the streets ... LOL!

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