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Questions that you were afraid to ask, but the Site Admin will answer them any way:


Where did my Senior Photo on my profile come from?

  • Your Senior picture has been scanned and resized from The '67 Olympian Yearbook. If you did not have a senior picture taken, an effort is made to locate your class picture from the '66 Olympian.
  • The Site Admin adds Senior photos on a time and resource available basis after the member has completed their profile and has been verified.
  • If you are faster than the Site Admin, you may upload your yearbook photo, but only before one has been uploaded.
  • If you prefer that your photo were not on your profile page, let the Site Admin know and the picture will not be added, or deleted if it has been posted.
  • Have a different photo that you would rather be there?  Send that photo to the Site Admin via the "Contact Us" page.  The photo will be resized by the site software, as there is only so much real estate available for the photo.  (Software limitations or would you rather pay for the storage space.

What About the information that I gave when I joined this site?

  • When you joined, we ask for personal information, like your name, email address, telephone number and date of birth. We created a Member Profile, which may include your name and photo.
  • The part of your profile containing your email address, physical address, and phone numbers is not visible to anyone except the site administrator(s).
  • The rest of the profile information you supply including birth date is only visible to other persons who are logged into this website.
  • The only exception to this is City of Residence, which may be seen by a non-logged in viewer in the Where We Live feature.
  • You can override the sharing limitations, but the default settings are the most protective of your privacy.

I don't show up on the "Where They Live" map?

  • Your location pins are determined by your zip code.  And that would be the center of the ZipCode area.

My spouse is a PVHS '67 graduate, do they need to add their profile?

  • It is not required, but then the spouse is counted under the "Missing Alumni".  The Site Admin is an olde school bean counter and likes to have everything located and counted.  By creating a profile, defining the password, no one will wonder why your spouse can't be found.  Adding their City, State and ZipCode, their name will be added to the "Where They Live" Map.
  • You are able to use the same e-mail address.
    • The only issue is if someone wants to send a personal email to only one of the two people.
    • If they don't mind, there should not be a problem.
  • You can link one spouse to the other spouse (so that you can click on the spouse name to see the spouse profile)
    • Put the following in the profile of each spouse:

      <a href="http://www.paloverde67.net/class_profile.cfm?member_id=######">Spouse Name</a>

    • To get the exact link for the spouse, go to the spouse page first and copy the "http://...." from the address bar of the browser.
    • Then go to the person who married the spouse that you copied the link for.
    • In their Spouse Name field, paste the above text and replace the "http://..." with what was copied from the address bar.